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    Question Customisig whmcs problem

    It looks fine on Mozilla Firefox
    but on internet explorer it all gets squashed into a sort of column. Please help me I've been trying to fix this for about 2 days and its driving me absolutely mental.

    I think it might be something like a float to left css but Iíve tried this and it doesnít work. Any ideas?


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    Went to your site to see the problem, site is down for maintenance.

    I know what you mean, Customizing WHMCS can be a pain. Mainly because its not edit friendly. It took me over a week to change one simple color.

    There is one issue I still have when viewing the site with Internet Exploder.
    On the products page, the buttons and item windows have horizontal lines above and below them. Looks like Crap, but cannot figure it out.

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    your a little late if you are trying to help him out seeing as his post was made in July of 2009! lol
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