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    Im going to open a web hosting site. I hope

    I am going to open a site with what I consider a good deal shared hosting package.
    Below is what the price shall be. If this is a bad deal or a great deal please leave feedback. Cheers ..

    (( Fresh 100 : Package )) $30/year << special introductory price (normal : $40/year)
    100 mb : Space
    3 GB : Bandwidth
    CPanel 5.xx
    IMAP Mail Server
    Outlook Compatible
    CPanel E-Mail Manager
    Exim E-Mail Virus Scanner
    24/7 FTP Access
    SSH Access On Request
    CPanel File Manager
    FrontPage 2002 Extensions
    PHP + PhpMyAdmin
    CGI, Perl, and ImageMagick
    HTML + SSI
    SSL Support
    Custom Error Pages
    Password Protected Folders
    3 Statistic Programs Online
    Raw Log Access

    So what do you think ?


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    You will get more of a response if you posted this in the Running A Webhosting Biz section

    Good luck

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