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    Business Adversiting

    As far I took the risk today, I signed a contract with a local transit authority today to advertising our company on their beach trolley that runs 7 days a week from 530am till 11pm that they will display our ad on LED signs.

    Will people read and possible look us up on the website? I hope my investment will be a worth it and see what happens. Wish me a good luck

    Have you folks try do local transit advertising? it may help spread the word about your company and it's more affordable and millions of people now using mass transit than before in history.
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    I have done signs such as billboards, passing out business cards, mailing business offers via snail mail but never purchased and LED sign. With all of my methods of advertising / marketing I feel every method has worked.

    I've always made enough to cover the advertising fees and then have some in my pockets. The best part is other people whether they wanted the service or not looked at my company name and hopefully down the road something will trigger it and they will think of The-Pixel again.

    I do not think what you did was a bad idea. If it doesn't work lets say at least you know "HEY! I tried!" And I feel that is always acceptable.
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    Agreed. We haven't done any local advertising except a few posters at local Universities offering deals for students. Sounds like you're taking a leap of faith - let us know how it turns out, and take some photographs of the advertising in action!
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    What about making gift cards so that your gift cards is available with all the other gift cards on supermarkets, book stores, etc.

    I am thinking of doing that but haven't got the time to do an actual research on how you can do that. It's pretty cool if you can have your gift cards hanging around with all the other gift cards on these shops.
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    They absolutely will look at it.

    Must look spectacular at night.
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