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    Question Best domain name reseller?

    I am currently using enom to resell domains and they are pretty reliable, no problems at the moment. However i have been looking around trying to find cheaper rates than the $9.95 i am currently being charged and i have found a few, but some require that you buy a reseller account as well, are their any good domain resellers that will let me sell domains in the $7 range or maybe even lower?? Thanks!

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    i dont think you will find any free with lower fee. MAYBE you can go down to 8.95 with a free one. However, some free goes pretty low, if you deposit maybe 100 or 500$.

    On ebay there are sometimes good offers. Like this one:

    Please read description, it was just something i digged up fast. I have seen some on ebay that require deposit so read conditions carefully.

    Also, you could have a look at wild west domains or whatever its called

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    Take a look at NetEarthOne.

    They offer .com .net & .org domains for $8.45 which is probably the cheapest you'll get on a free account. They also offer domains for as little as $4.42 which is a bargain imo.
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    Take a look at Reseller Club:
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    Thanks i looked at resellerclub, they seem ok

    NetEarthOne looks pretty good with no deposit required, and they have a lot of other stuff as well, but i am still looking around - Web, Tech, Startups and More! - Design, Development, SEO, Analytics and more!

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    What is the benefit of having a reseller account ?

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