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    autosurf hosting advice

    Hi guys, i just want a little advice i want to run an autosurf program of course not the ponzi type that promise yields its a free autosurf program that every one can join this is just for credits totally free surf program. Now my problem is that i dont know where to host it since most of the hosting companies doesnt allow it as it is for some other reason treated as illegal ware. anyway i am looking for a cheap manage vps as i am really in a budget hope someone would come here and recommend.

    what i want is:

    ddos protection
    anti hack
    of course a very good support like that really guarantees 30 minute ticket reply but lacehost dont support autosurf so ill just find another host

    the requirements of the software:
    * PHP4.2+ with sessions fully enabled
    * Linux based hosting
    * MySQL
    * Ioncube loaders
    * Script comes with default template
    * Hosting with SHA256 encryption ability if using Liberty Reserve processor

    pls. im on a budget i just need a reliable hosting this is not for ponzi purpose.
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    Well, it's tough to say. How many different providers have you contacted regarding your needs so far? Are you looking for a managed or unmanaged solution?

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    I would highly recommend they are a great team of people, services are great and stable and i personally been with them for a few months 4 + awsome so far support is great too. BEst of luck! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
    Live Chat sales/support on website
    WHMCS billing system and client login We care about everyone!

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