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    Post Turkey's Prime Minister Orders Heavy Metal Fans Arrested For 'Devil Horns' Salute

    Nicholas Birch of The Irish Times reports: Five Turkish heavy metal fans got more than they bargained for in Istanbul last weekend when they made heavy metal salutes (the devil horns, the slightly demonic hand gesture with a raised index finger and pinkie that has long been as an essential element as jeans to the hard rock fan's concert accessories) at a passing cavalcade.

    "The tinted windows of one of the cars opened and a guy in dark glasses shouted, 'What the hell are you doing?'" says Yusuf Sengul, who was attending the first day of a heavy metal festival with his friends.

    Five minutes later, the men in black came back with police, bundled Sengul and four others into cars and took them to a police station.

    "They said they were acting on the orders of the prime minister," Sengul remembers. "We were laughing. We thought it was a joke."

    But it wasn't. Accused of "disrespect of a senior official," the five youngsters spent the rest of the day and night being taken from one police station to another.
    (read the entire course of events in the link)

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    Maybe they can say they were using sign language?
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