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    Cheap Dedicated?

    Hi guys

    I had a dedicated server from SoftLayer over than one year. They are really great and I have no problem with them.
    Specially their support is really fast and professional and 3$ server administrative tickets solved many of my problems.
    But now I lost most of my hosting customers and SoftLayer prices are not good for me anymore.
    I want to move to a cheaper datacenter.

    I was thinking about, I guess their 99$ server is good for me, but I don't know anything about their support or quality.

    So I'll appreciate any tip or advice about Hivelocity or any other good and cheap datacenters.

    Thanks in advance

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    Use the search tool to look for some reviews. There are a number of reviews available in this site.

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    I would suggest to start with a good config. vps which can accomodate your current clients and then scale to higher configuration VPS or a dedicated server . Regarding support, go for a managed VPS.
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    HiVelocity has a good reputation around here. In addition, their dedicated servers have some of the best, if not THE best value I've seen around.

    What do you need in a dedicated server? If you're doing hosting, then I think you can get HiVelocity $99 server with 100 Mbps port speed will be good for you. - Quality Hosting. Affordable Prices.
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    check out

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    I also have a server at SoftLayer and am extremely happy with their overall service. You are correct, their support is FAST! haha. I've seen more positive reviews about Hivelocity then Negative but I strongly suggest you do your own research and not just on WHT. Type in Hivelocity in Google, Yahoo and Bing (Each search engine will provide different information) and see what else you can find about the company. I hope I have been helpful. Best of luck to you no matter which company you choose to go with.
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    If you don't take advantage of the extras softlayer gives you I see no point in paying a premium for service you can get else where for much less. If you're paying $190/mo for a server at Softlayer and can get the same configuration for $99/mo at hivelocity you can save over $1000 a year, I'd switch. Hivelocity's pricing better reflects the current value of the hardware, X3220's don't cost $400 anymore, nor do the other components that make up the system. Softlayer's pricing reflects a good value from about 2 years ago.

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    Like someone already said, maybe you could go down to a VPS solution and than scale up. It will be alot cheaper, maybe you could fit in a managed VPS in your budget..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyber-A View Post

    So I'll appreciate any tip or advice about Hivelocity or any other good and cheap datacenters.

    Thanks in advance
    We prefer the term inexpensive or great value
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  10. #10 usually get what you pay for.
    You want a company with great support, fast reliable network, and an N+1 compliant Data Center. You can get all that at fair pricing. You will most likely pay a few bucks more, but isn't piece of mind worth it?

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    Thank you guys
    Great Advices. I'll appreciate them.

    I'm going to order a server at I hope I'll be happy with them.

    Thanks again.

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    You may also consider a high end vps / hybrid vps - so that you have redundant hardware.

    Have you checked the cloud computing instances of Softlayer? They start at 99$ and there is no single point of failure - plus you can pay more as you grow.
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