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    Multiple web design software

    Is it possible to use more than one web design software for just one website?

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    I think you need to clarify what you are trying to achieve?
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    You probably can but its a bad idea though. specially from maintenance point of view.

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    I'm just starting out and I'm trying to create my website before purchasing web hosting so I wanted to try using a couple of free web design software to create it. Is this possible and is a good idea? Does anyone recommend a certain type of software? I can't afford dreamweaver and I want to avoid using software from web hosting providers unless it's absolutely ecessery. Thanks i'll appreciate any help

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    You can check NVU - it's totally free and has all you need to build a webpage.

    For graphics you can use Gimp (or better Gimpshop, it has similar interface with photoshop)
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