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    reseller business in VPS

    I have a VPS and mainly use for my own site , but is it possible to give( or sell) reseller access to my friend .

    if so what do I need apart from the server , I am with servint.
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    Some hosting control panel probably (CPanel / Plesk / other).

    A billing software a and a web site if you want to sell publicly (not just to your friend).

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    you need a control panel to do this, cpanel and directadmin are both good control panel Half Dedicated Half Price
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    Best to go with the Cpanel as its most user friendly and WHMCS billing software.
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    What kind of VPS do you run (what kind of virtualization)? You should be able to install any kind of web hosting control panel and to give account to other site owners.
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    Well, as ServInt offers cPanel or Plesk 9 for free, yes, this is possible. For cPanel, you can login to WHM and create an account for your friend, and give him reseller privileges. - Quality Hosting. Affordable Prices.
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    xtsy, bikster actually had an excellent answer to your post. Feel free to contact support for help or sales if you want to actually sell a VPS as a reseller, there are incentives you would be eligible for.
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