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    RBLs and other anti-spam measures

    Which RBL's (Spamhaus, Spamcop, CBL etc.) do you use on your servers?

    If you don't use any, why? What other measures do you have in place to fight spam?

    We've had several RBL's on for a few months now. While it brought the amount of spam we receive down by quite a large amount, it often catches legitimate emails as well.

    This is a big issue for us as we mainly host businesses and a business related email gone unanswered can easily cause a project loss or worse (reputation loss).

    How do you deal with this?
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    Better to use the more aggressive RBLs in conjunction with spamassasin, and have them assign points, rather than reject at front door.

    Spam has increased tremendously in the last 2 weeks and we've had to tweak points on quite a few rules to try to block the junk. :/
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    RDNS and SPF tend to work better for my mail servers. If that fails, I als use sorbs, spamcop, spamhaus and a local private list. Using all methods together, my servers don't get too much spam.
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    I'm using ConfigServer's MailScanner on my WHM servers. I think it covers pretty much everything to protect your server against spam.
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