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    WHT Exclusive - 25% Lifetime Discount on Ventrilo Servers - Use code 'WHT'

    Use the coupon "WHT" for a 25% off lifetime (recurring) discount off all monthly ventrilo hosting packages at My Ventrilo Server. We have 13 locations to offer. This coupon will only last about a week, but the discount will last a lifetime so act quickly!

    • Chicago, Illinois (Demo)
    • New York City, New York (Demo)
    • Los Angeles, California (Demo)
    • San Jose, California (Demo)
    • Seattle, Washington (Demo)
    • Dallas, Texas (Demo)
    • Ashburn, Virginia (Demo)
    • Atlanta, Georgia (Demo)
    • Montreal, Canada (Demo)
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Demo)
    • London, United Kingdom (Demo)
    • Tokyo, Japan (Demo)
    • Tel Aviv, Israel (Demo)

    View our packages

    Have questions? Email us at customercare {at}
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    Lifetime is a little bit of a myth with Ventrilo

    I have been receiving a message in my lifetime server that indicates they have not paid their Hosting Bills so my server will not let me on. I have repeatedly asked them to help with NO response.

    Just an FYI on Ventrilo Lifetime servers....
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