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    Question recommendations needed


    iamd considering to either register with or

    what do u recommend according to past experiences with any of the following companies

    also do u recommend any others
    p.s: my budgetr is something not more than 80$ per year

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    How much disk space and bandwidth do you suspect that you'll need?

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    disk space not less than 5GB
    and i don't care about the size of the bandwidth

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    Assuming you're looking for Linux reseller hosting.

    Along with those specifications, do you have any other requirements in terms of server configuration, software, or even location?

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    yes it's linux

    location: US

    also it's important to have unlimited email accounts and Mysql databases

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    21,913 - domain created 2009-05-26. There's will hardly be any customers to gather feedback from, and even if there are, the host is too young to draw any definitive conclusions. - domain half a year old. Still a pretty new company.

    I'm curious, where did you find out about these companies, and what made you consider them over the hundreds and thousands of other hosts out there?

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    i found them here at the resellers promotions section

    and liked them because they r cheap

    by the way
    i dont need a reseller account to work as a host

    i am a web designer and i have a couple of websites
    so i thought it would be better to have a reseller
    ( i dont want shared hosting)

    so do u recomment any company that doesnt cost more than 80$ per year

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    Your budget is too low. Prices of reliable reseller hostings generally more than $20/month. If you can increase your budget when I recommend Surpasshosting.
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    I'd recommend that you look for a more established company than a company that has been in business for less than a year. I've read a lot of horror stories from people lately about companies just jumping ship and leaving their clients out to dry... - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Do you require anything fancy like custom nameservers? client management tools? if you just need the ability to provide control panels to your users and nothing else then you shouldn't have too many problems finding a provider thats established.

    I cannot speak for either provider you mentioned as i've never used them.

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    could you please recommend others

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    I would make sure you research both the companies on WHT and try search engines such as "Google, Yahoo and Bing'. Each search engine will provide different results. Using this method your able to view other forums and other websites that could perhaps make up your mind for you.

    Most of the providers on WHT I've not personally used that's why I strongly suggest you research and weight the pros and cons. I would personally make sure the company offers an SLA (Service Level Agreement) so if the server goes down you are compensated. If they offer the SLA it also proves to you they stand behind their service and ensure quality customer service - no matter what. Best of luck to you and keep us posted.
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