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    Hi Guys,

    Could anyone recommend a reseller? It should be reliable and I prefer low transaction cost! Please help! Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    My company uses They have special rates for non-profits and ISPs which is nice. Overall the rates seem to be pretty good and they've always been a pleasure to work with when I have questions.

    We've referred a few other organizations to them and they've had no complaints about the service or rates.

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    From the official list of resellers on their site:

    i would say ChasePaymentTech, e-OnLineData and WellsFargo are popular companies. First Data is a large company also that has combined several processors in it.
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    Thank you for the information! I was thinking about e-onlinedata but saw many negative reviews from this forum. Can you guys please give me more suggestions?

    Thank you!!

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    There are a ton of resellers. I would recommend doing a search on Google for some terms like internet gateway, merchant account, etc.


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