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    Datasbase Hosting?

    I'm looking for a good server to host my database.
    My website is located at

    I need a bigger server, these are the credentials I need on my server in order to host my software:

    one server with multiple databases
    root access
    multiple processor
    linux server
    apache 2.0
    php 5.2
    mysql 5.0
    4gigs of memory -- 500 gig of storage

    What do you guys recommend?

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    Do you have a price range?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsJustHosting View Post
    Do you have a price range?
    Looking for the best deal available

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    Are you looking for a dedicated or virtual server? Also, as ItsJustHosting mentioned, a price range is important as your end product is defined by how much you are willing to pay.
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    We are going to need a price factor here, Aswell for root access your going to require a VPS or a Dedicated Server.

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    Depending on your spending limit and a few more details of what you want/need i would recommend a nice vps system, then if things get bigger or are needed maybe then move on to a dedi, if going with a vps i recommend great company , great support, etc! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    you will always have root access for the Dedicated Server..
    you can consider taking 2 HDD for your server and the second HDD can use as backup hdd..
    processor wise.. you can consider a 2xquad core xeon processor..

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    I would like to see the vps that others are recommending here. It must be ginormous

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