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    Hsphere / Spamassassin

    Pertaining to Hsphere/Qmail/Spamassassin, does anyone know if there is a way to NOT block emails by RBL, but rather, have them tagged as SPAM?

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    Yes, you can train SPAMASSASSIN for each domain. if you are using Hshpere hosting then > login to your user account > go to main manager > select the domain which you want to select for > Edit AntiSPAM Settings > Select "Mark As Spam" and save the setting.

    In this way each email id you add for that domain will have the same settings.

    Hope the above help you.
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    Update /hsphere/local/config/mail/spamassassin/ to handle the tagging; and don't have the RBL's you don't want blocking in /var/qmail/control/rblhosts

    Of note, H-Sphere questions tend to get more focused answers in the H-Sphere forums.

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gineey View Post
    Yes, you can train SPAMASSASSIN
    You missed what I am wanting. Maybe a better question is.... can I have spamassassin check RBL's rather than Qmail? Then if something is listed by an RBL, SA tags it as spam. This way if a legit email's isp is in an RBL, a customer can choose to whitelist.

    We service networks for companies that have clients all over the globe. We know that too many times when an RBL lists an IP, it nails a lot of innocent bystanders as well.... and this is the issue. Our customers tell us "our client sosowhatever in Africa cant email us because you are blocking them...". Their client obviously didnt spam, but someone got on the same system and did. Innocent casualties.

    Quote Originally Posted by dynamicnet View Post
    Of note, H-Sphere questions tend to get more focused answers in the H-Sphere forums.
    I know better than that, you know I have been on those forums for years (since October 2001 as a matter of fact), though not as much lately. Went there a week or so ago and made a couple of posts, but for the most part it's still the same old bickering about how ll isnt treating hsphere right, lack of communication from ll, etc, etc. It's legit and reasonable bickering since ll is still doing a piss poor job evidently from the beginning till now.

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