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    server options for dedicated web app

    I run a very small hosting company w/only 4 dedicated servers.

    I have one client that I resell a full dedicated machine (quad core 2ghz, 2G ram & sata drives) for a mysql web application they've developed and the machine is maxed out during busy times of the day.

    Would I be better off just adding a dedicated mysql box to this setup or switch them to a machine w/8G ram & maybe SCSI or Raid 10 Sata drives?

    Also - those of you who've made the switch - at what point in your hosting business to you move from leasing dedi's to colocation arrangement?

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    I would suggest just adding a MySQL Box. I think it will be easier if you run into issues. Have to see what other people suggest. Best of luck!
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    You would need to figure out exactly what the problem is before jumping into another machine or adding a secondary server. Optimize mysql, check the top and iostats and see where the problem is, as you might need more RAM on it, but that's just my guess.
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    For busy websites that use a data base we will usually break it down into 3 servers.

    1. Runs Httpd
    2. Runs Mysql
    3. Runs Email Server

    If they are doing a lot of email, you would be surprised how much processing power that can use.

    Also on the mysql server you may want to use SCSI drives.

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