FazeWire is thrilled to announce our August Budget VPS special! We are offering 25% off your first month of service with us.

It's easy, choose the VPS plan that fits your needs, and then on checkout, just enter the coupon code "BUDGET25", it's that easy!

Here is some information about our budget VPS plans:
  • Custom in-house VPS panel
  • 100 mbps uplink on all servers
  • 1 IP included free
  • Live chat sales and support
  • Ticket based sales and support
  • NO overselling
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.999%
  • Seamless upgrades and downgrades
  • We own all our own hardware
Here are our budget VPS plans:
Alpha VPS
Storage Space: 10GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 200GB
Dedicated RAM: 128MB
Burstable RAM: 256MB
Price: $6.50 a month (before discounts!)
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Beta VPS
Storage Space: 20GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 400GB
Dedicated RAM: 256MB
Burstable RAM: 512MB
Price: $12.50 a month (before discounts!)
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Charlie VPS
Storage Space: 30GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 600GB
Dedicated RAM: 386MB
Burstable RAM: 512MB
Price: $17.50 a month (before discounts!)
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Delta VPS
Storage Space: 40GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 800GB
Dedicated RAM: 512MB
Burstable RAM: 768MB
Price: $21.50 a month (before discounts!)
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Echo VPS
Storage Space: 50GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 1000GB
Dedicated RAM: 768MB
Burstable RAM: 1024MB
Price: $29.50 a month (before discounts!)
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Optional upgrades:
cPanel = $12 monthly
cPanel w/ Installatron = $17 monthly
DirectAdmin Control Panel = $9 monthly
One IP Address = $1 monthly
64MB RAM = $2 monthly


"We finally settled on a VPS solution from FazeWire. What we found in FazeWire is all of the above and more. Not only do they conduct themselves in a professional manner you get the feeling that they want our business to succeed."

"I've had my website hosting on Fazewire for a few months now and I could not be more satisfied."

"My experience with this hosting company has been awesome. A+"

"You have answered all of my questions, and seem to be on call at any time even though I am on the other side of the world."

"So far so good. I am really pleased with your service."

"most reliable VPS systems thus far."

Read more here: http://www.fazewire.com/testimonials.html


Q: Do you allow adult content and IRC?
A: Yes, legal adult is fine, and IRC only for personal use.

Q. Where is your data center and where is a speed test?
A. We are located in Seattle, WA, USA, and you can ping the IP:

Q. What do you accept for payment?
A. PayPal, Google Checkout, and Mail-in Payment.

Q. Do you allow spam?
A. No, we strictly prohibit spam on our network.

Q. What control panel do you use to manage VPS'?
A. We use a custom in house VPS panel, called WizardVM. For more information or for a demo, contact sales.

Thank you for considering FazeWire Web Services, and please get in touch with us if you have any questions!