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    rsync setup question


    I am wanting to setup rsync to always login, so I don't want to use keys.
    Is it possible to put the password in the rsync command leave.
    If so how do I do this?

    Or do I have to use: --password-file=/path/to/password/file

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    Are you using rsync over ssh? If so you can't use the password-file. (edit: and you certainly can't supply the password on the command line!)

    Type in the password at the prompt for working interactively or use ssh keys for automated login. "I don't want to use keys" isn't a valid reason not to use keys.

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    You're pretty much stuck with using keys here. I suppose you could write a wrapper using something like perl or expect to input the pw for you, but really, why?

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    BTW If you're worried about security, you can setup ssh to only allow a key to be used for rsync, and nothing else.
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    just use keys. aint no big thang.

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    You can also setup rsync server on the receiving machine. That will allow you to script and not have to use keys, yet retain password auth.
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