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    Question Send mail from a different IP other than server IP

    I own a dedicated server with a few IP addresses.

    When one of my domains ( which has a dedicated IP, sent out mail through phpmailer, the mail header tells that the mail originates from my server main IP address.

    How can I make send mail from the assigned dedicated IP address, not the server main IP address?

    I have set this because Yahoo thinks I am a spammer.

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    What mail server are you using?

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    I am on Exim.

    OS: CentOS 5 and WHM.
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    Arrow Response

    1) Put your domain on a dedicated IP (different to the server main IP)

    2) In WHM go to "Exim Configuration Editor", under the "Domains and IPs" heading check the box.

    Now mail will be sent from your domain from the dedicated IP rather than server main IP. Australia & USA Hosting - cPanel, WHM, VPS
    Software - WHMreseller - WHMexec - KVZcloud
    Host Repo - The Linux Web Host Knowledge Repository - Host Search Australia

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    I checked on the box, "Automatically send outgoing mail from the account's IP address instead of the main IP address.".

    I have made an entry in /etc/mail_reverse_dns.

    But the mail header still show the main server IP i.e. Received.

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you for the time.

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    By the way, I am refering to sendmail and phpmailer in my CMS, Drupal.

    Main email is on Google Apps.

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    you have to specify the ip in config file using whm's advanced editor page in whm change the local_interfaces = : to what you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icyshout View Post
    you have to specify the ip in config file using whm's advanced editor page in whm change the local_interfaces = : to what you need.
    I went to Exim Advance Editor, exim.conf, put under the first text field.

    local_interfaces = :

    I tried two way,

    local_interfaces = server IP : hosted domain IP


    local_interfaces = hosted domain IP : server IP

    Still, header shows IP of the server's IP.

    Am I missing something?

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    13.2 Special IP listening addresses

    The addresses and ::0 are treated specially. They are interpreted as “all IPv4 interfaces” and “all IPv6 interfaces”, respectively. In each case, Exim tells the TCP/IP stack to “listen on all IPvx interfaces” instead of setting up separate listening sockets for each interface. The default value of local_interfaces is

    local_interfaces =

    when Exim is built without IPv6 support; otherwise it is:

    local_interfaces = <; ::0 ;

    Thus, by default, Exim listens on all available interfaces, on the SMTP port.
    30.2 Use of the $host and $host_address variables

    At the start of a run of the smtp transport, the values of $host and $host_address are the name and IP address of the first host on the host list passed by the router. However, when the transport is about to connect to a specific host, and while it is connected to that host, $host and $host_address are set to the values for that host. These are the values that are in force when the helo_data, hosts_try_auth, interface, serialize_hosts, and the various TLS options are expanded.
    Just some quotes from the documentation that may help to understand the cnofig file.

    try just one ip in the local_interfaces =

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