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    Creating subdomain to point to a different URL ?

    Hi Friends,
    I have some URLs like:

    Now,I would like to create an alias/sub-domain for this URL. For example: -> ->

    Can someone please tell me how this can be done? Do I have to create a subdomain for this? But when I try to create a subdomain throught the OLM control panel, it asks me for the real path i.e. '/var/www/html/subdomain_folder' which I don't have in this case. Secondly, can this be done without modifying any information in the DNS??? Changing DNS costs be $5/change from OLM

    Thanks Mick

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    Hello mickscool - Please PM me your domain name and I will have someone in tech walk you through it. Also no charge for the DNS change.

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    Wow...never knew OLM guys are on the forum as well Thanks for replying so fast ( I have to say OLM is the best when it comes to technical support ) PM sent. Thanks Mick

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