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    * I need a VPS like this

    * 512MB RAM
    * 100GB Disk Space
    * 10Mbps unmetered
    * 1 IP Address
    * Cpanel/WHM
    max price 30$/m

    I need it to host some proxy sites (100% secure no illegal activity on it)
    and some blog sites, and a LinkRedirect site. I need cpanel because I want resell some space but all 100% for NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY

    I see that offer +300gb space and +3 ip for 39$
    you have some suggestion???

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    lol!! there are not good!!

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    What makes you say they aren't good?

    Your probably going to need a custom plan as most VPS don't offer that much disk space.
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    but what do you think about fdcservers?? its affidable for my network?

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    10mbps unmetered and the cpanel license will increase your price - most cpanel licenses for vps cost around $15 and 10mbps unmetered is a pretty good amount of bandwidth - I can't see anyone providing that and cpanel at $30/mo

    and the fact that you want to run proxy servers will also increase your cost because you need servers with a good amount of ram and cpu power to do that - You'll have to go around asking the individual hosts if it is possible - since you are looking at fdc servers, just contact their sales department if proxies are allowed. Most vps providers won't let you do that due to the resource consumption levels

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    * 512MB RAM
    * 100GB Disk Space
    * 10Mbps unmetered
    * 1 IP Address
    * Cpanel/WHM
    max price 30$/m
    I doubt you would get such configuration from any one unless you put some realistic figure instead of 10MBPS unmetered which represents around 3300 GB/month of b/w. Also Cpanel costs min. $10 for VPS though its retail price is $14.

    To be honest with you , you should increase your budget significantly.
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    i think You can't find like that and 30$ wow
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    You need to increase your budget. It's not likely to find a provider give you dedicated 10Mbps unmetered to your VPS w/ cPanel for $30. If you do, it is probably too good to be true....
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    Its difficult to find the package you are asking in $30. I suggest you need to increase your budget and go for lower end dedicated server or you need to go for lower configuration of VPS.
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    on fdcservers I found this:
    * 512MB RAM
    * 300GB Disk Space
    * 10Mbps unmetered
    * 3 IP Address (max allowed, not assigned at setup)
    * IRC Allowed

    Cpanel included!

    Now I ask them if proxy are allowed!
    thank for your support guys

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