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    Reliable shared hosting in germany?

    I am looking for a reliable shared hosting company close to Bonn, Germany.

    I'd appreciate if it is also cheap and gives english support


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    Don't know if they are any good

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    Check out this deal in shared hosting: is running a deal in shared hosting.

    They have a datacenter in Germany somewhere. I just signed up with them and I am using the US datacenter and so far everything is good.

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    I am 99.9% certain has servers in Germany (as well as other locations) so you should contact them to see if they can meet your needs. I've never used them so you need to do your own research before making any sort of decision of course.
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    I'm sure that German web hosting providers can offer english language support. I met a lot of folks from German web hosts during the Webhosting Day expo in Cologne this year and I must say I'm impressed of their skills and the way they do web hosting. Why don't you go to the expo website and to see which companies participated as sponsors. Another good option is to check if there are some German web hosts registered for HostingCon 2009. I suggest you to check for providers who have publicly introduced themselves on industry events, because this means that they are stable and well-established web hosting brands.
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