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    * alternative to adobe flash?


    I would like to edit an .Fla file, I do not really want to buy the full Adobe software just for one file, do you know a free alternative to this please?
    Remember I have the original .fla file

    Many Thanx,


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    Thank you so much PAnopta

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    I suggest the free trial of Swish, it will work and their licensing after the trial is much more affordable as well.

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    Thanks KC,

    I will try it because the other softwares(from Panopta above) I have tried are all server based...I was looking for a windows xp alternative.

    Many Thanks,


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    Try Kool Moves or Coffeecup Firestarter too.

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    so, in other words, there is none as powerful as adobe's?

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    I use Swish as well - it is much easier to learn it that adobe flash. And it is really powerfull.

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    no alternative

    in editing .FLA files, there is no alternative for adobe.
    Those third-party software generate other file types.

    Cheers blues all we want!

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    I've tried to find free alternatives to Adobe flash, but hadn't got any luck. There are few cheap alternatives like Koolmoves and Vectorian Giotto, preffered Giotto cause it had more Adobe-like features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panopta View Post
    Take a look at the Open Source Flash site, in particular which lists a large number of freely-available tools for working with Flash content. There's likely some tools there that will do what you need.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ageofturb View Post
    in editing .FLA files, there is no alternative for adobe.
    Those third-party software generate other file types.

    Cheers blues all we want!
    Yes it true, if you want to edit .FLA file then you have to do this in Adobe Flash. (Please also check Flash CS4 file does not open in CS3), all other mentions tools generate .SWF files or some images/movie files. These tools doesn't even save files in .FLA, every have its own extension like Swish save files in .SWI

    I recommend download flash trial version and use it.

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