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    I just launched this new site. Viewers can buy and sell templates. It took me a couple weeks to get ready. All comments are appreciated. Also if anyone is interested in a banner exchange please pm me. - Your #1 stop for buying and selling web templates!

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    Hmm...simple colors. It could use some jazzing up, although it is pretty easy to navigate now. It also hard for me to really critique a site unless it has a lot of content-it looks as though you currently have no template sellers. Of course, what will matter most is the quality of templates being sold at your site.
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    Nice, simple, and easy to navigate.

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    looks good, on the buy page is the strikethrough intended on the header?? or is the words supposed to be sitting on the line?? in IE6 it looks like semi-strike through, just thought you might want to know. - short URL service

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    On your sell page, the "about us" tab is not linked and the "sell" is linked, need to fix it.

    The site is simple, but usable. They are a few broken links still (faq, customer service, etc).

    The idea could work, but I would be a little hesitant about trying to sell. You don't really explain the details. I assume the buyer will get the hardcopy of the template that you receive from the seller (since no watermark is allowed) but how does the seller "monitor" their template. How do you ensure the seller that their template will not be "taken" without their knowledge.

    It's just that with the lack of details/TOS will hinder your site from being succesful.

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