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    hi people i need something to be able to create vps's,

    does any body no of anything that works, and that is kinda easy to setup?,

    also anything that is from free to inexpencive???

    please help thank you

    also a billing software that would work with this aswell?

    it doesnt have to be automatic, but it has to have the function where they can put in a host name at signup

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    HyperVM is was was used before the security issues surrounding it, on this forum there are many alternatives, you should see what systems are supported with your billing software to create a full automated experience.
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    yea thank you, but i did say that i dont have a billing system, thats why i asked for a billing system for vps hosting aswell ???

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    Couldn't you just use 'Virtuozzo software'?
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    any idea how expencive that is?

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    You can get the more info on Virtuzzo on google , just search for it and it will throw you the URLs with important information.
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    yes it to expencive, thats what i ment i need something cheaper

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    Try using FluidVM for your control panel and utilizing OpenVZ. I believe that FluidVM now supports WHMCS integration too.
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    Try taking a look at

    I know of only 1 billing app that supports, though.
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