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    HostGator Review for about 1 year now.


    Im with Hostgator since about 1 year now, and i would like to share my experience with you, so maybe it will benefit you to choose your host in future.

    My experience with them is only on dedicated servers, didn't try shared hosting.

    I will start with billing (since when i searched forums here i noticed some complains about suspension due to payment).

    1- Billing: I had no problems with payments with hostgator in the last 1 year, they provide a grace period of 10-14 days (im not sure here), i used the grace period some times, since i use an internet credit card, transfer money to it when only i have an online payment, so due to time differences and Holidays different between here and USA this grace period was useful.

    2- Support: I have to say they are magnificent, im not very experienced with managing a server, and i have to say they are doing great job and here is details:

    A- Experience: i think support stuff are excellent, they help in every thing, even if a third party software, they will try to install and configure for you if they can (from my experience), if they don't know about it, they take the time to search google provide you with installation manuals and steps to do thing, asking you to do it and to ask them if you need any further help with it. what ever i ask them to do with the server they do it in a very short time.

    B- Response time to tickets: this is very fast, usually it take not more than 10 minutes to reply, many times less, and never exceeded 30 minutes as i remember. usually with the issue resolved.

    C- Live Chat Support, Phone Support: I tried live chat some times, its good for a fast advice or fast question they are very helpful, if there is a serious issue, ticket is faster to solve it. since usually live support will ask you to open a ticket if its a thing that need an admin. about Phone support, i didn't try it before, i one spoken to sales, first day i registered with them, since they asked for some papers and i didn't have them, i spoken to a person in sales, i kept on hold with him for about 10 minutes (international call) he never left me, kept talking to me (didn't put me on hold) till the right person is free, then i asked him to call me back since it is taking long, and they made an international call back to solve the issue, it was solved.

    3- Servers: they are using The Planet servers, all what i can say (within my experience) , a very good network, with almost no down time. i don't remember i had a down time in the last year, some times i restart the server to do updates since its a Windows server.

    A great point of their support, is that same person go through issue with you till it all resolved usually, so you don't have to explain your need again and again, another thing, since im not experienced as i said, i do send many tickets asking how to do something, or asking for an advice and i always get a professional reply.

    ** Shortages : the only shortage i noticed till now (if we can call it a shortage) , is being more flexible with bandwidth packages, they provide pre-paid 0.3 $ for each extra Gig. but as far as i know you cant go with a more bandwidth package.

    Dont know if there is any thing else i have to explain about, that was my honest experience with them, currently im very satisfied, Im learning how to manage the server day by day, while im getting every thing done by them, they are great.

    I wish they will keep the good job.

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    I don't get to read HG dedicated reviews all that often, and this one was a nice one. Can't say it was a surprise though.

    May your 2 years review be just as positive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc View Post
    I don't get to read HG dedicated reviews all that often, and this one was a nice one. Can't say it was a surprise though.

    May your 2 years review be just as positive!
    Yes, when i searched i though i would find many good reviews, but i noticed not much reviews about them, i thought it worth writing a review.

    Im not very common with the hosting industry, what do you mean by not surprised? they are known for good support you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alahamdan View Post
    surprised? they are known for good support you mean?
    Yeah, that's what I think he means.

    Host Gator have such a good reputation with their shared hosting, and it should be the same for their dedicated servers

    Thanks for the review, I hardly see any Host Gator dedicated reviews.

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    Glad to see the this HG review specially for dedicated one.
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