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Thread: Level3 Problems

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    Level3 Problems

    Anybody else seeing problems on Level3? Looks like some kind of routing loop.
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    Re: Level3 Problems

    Originally posted by Noldar
    Anybody else seeing problems on Level3? Looks like some kind of routing loop.
    This usually indicates that a router thinks a directly-connected route is down, thusly the less-specific default route takes precedence, sending the packet back where it came from. Ie; a subnet is attached to a particular interface, and the interface is in a hard down/down state. Rinse and repeat.


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    If you have a BGP with them, it seems that either:
    1. The BGP session is down
    2. Bandwidth limit exceeded
    3. Router ports flaps
    4. Routing was dampened

    Generaly, if the connection is capped, the router might drop the excessive packets and/or the BGP session is unstable, causing the port to flaps from the backbone's perspective. Depending on your area, if the session dropped too many times, the backbone might dampened the network routes.

    <edit> However, this may not be the only thing that's causing it. It maybe something wrong with the Level3 router, or etc. Might want to check with them
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