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    Custom Coder Needs Advice


    I'm a web developer and like many of you out there, I meticulously code everything by hand and test in multiple browsers.

    Lately I've been getting clients who are interested in making their own updates to their sites -- kind of like the way that many web hosting sites offer "do it yourself" design packages such as GoDaddy's Website Tonight.

    The point is that while they want me to do the bulk of the work, they want to be free to change some text or images here and there without needing to go through me.

    So putting aside those very few clients who are comfortable with dreamweaver, does anyone know of any platforms that I as a developer could build with? I'd like to be able to maintain my full creative control for standards-compliant xhtml/css (as I currently code in DW), but at the same time giving the clients the ability to make a WSYWIG change here and there.


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    You could build your own small content management system if your confident with MySQL and PHP, if not use a current CMS and build your design as a theme.

    Alternatively look at something like

    Hope I was of some assistance
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    Thanks. I'll check it out.

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    Joomla has a built in WYSIWYG editor and can be a good solution for allowing your clients to do self updates. You can charge an extra fee for the setup to compensate for not getting the residual update work down the line.
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