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    OVH or Keyweb or others?

    so first of all i should give the information about what i will do;

    i will set a ftp server, and let my forum's users to download some files directly from my server.

    and i may use some torrent for personal use.

    so i will need a lots of space, unmetered traffic and an internet connection as fast as possible.

    i have found 2 different companies that offers "quite" enough for me and these are;

    OVH (France located) (Superplan Storage)

    Keyweb (Germany located) (KM 9800QC or 6800 X4)

    i have NO knowledge about dedicated servers, i mean i know how to use it i know how to set a FTP server on Windows Server 2003 or 2008. But i am thinking that i will not need 8gb of ram on keyweb machines and i dont want to pay extra 19 just to use that extra unnecessary ram, so i am thinking to either order Superplan Storage from OVH with Server 2008 Web or order a KM 6800 X4 from Keyweb with Server 2003 Web, and let that extra 4gb of ram lay around.

    what do you think? (except that i am an idiot who is not even using extra 4gb ram) i have never used linux so i am a bit scared of that, and thats why i am using windows.

    which one would you choose if you were going to create a ftp just like me?

    or would you choose another company? which company? and why?

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    OVH has better network in Europe. It is basicly peering, but for your needs you don't need anything else
    If you go with OVH and don't push more then 10-12TB/month, you can expect average max speed of ~85-93Mbps. Especially in torrent activities. Most of the torrent leeching users are customers of OVH.
    The only problem might be just the leechers from your ftp, but if they are Europeans mostly, then they will be able to get a good speed.

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    Another vote for OVH, for BW usage, have a look here:



    PS.: be aware, some advertise with unmetered xMbps on OVH servers line, so get confirm by reseller prior orders...

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    i ordered from OVH a few hours ago, but i am not sure about 200mbit, and as you can see my english is not so good, so are they offerin 200mbit internet per client? if so what do you think about that? usually other companies are offerin 100mbit only?

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