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    Integrating NetEarthOne module with WHMCS

    I recently signed up with a reseller hosting account who told me that if I want to automate the domain registration with my WHMCS. -

    "If you want to integrate it into WHMCS however to automate it, use the domain registration module "Net Earth One" "

    now I consider myself a techie and can usually find stuff out on my own but this is killing me. I can't find one documentation on how to this "integration".

    help! Anyone out there who can point me in the right direction?

    Where do I find this "module"? do I download this then install to WHMCS?

    *note: am a newbie at Web Hosting so it's really my first time using WHMCS.


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    In your WHMCS..
    Configuration -> Domain Registrars.. From the drop down choose "Netearthone"..
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    haha thanks for the help Rameen.

    awesome as always!

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