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Thread: WGet Images

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    WGet Images

    What I'm trying to do is wget images, however, i'm not sure how to do it 100% right...

    what ive got is a index.html page that has images(thmubs) that link to the full size images. how do i grab the full size images?

    Example of links on the page:
    <a href="images/*random numbers*.jpg" target="_blank"><img border=0 width=112 height=150 src="images/tn_*random numbers*.jpg" style="position:relative;left:3px;top:3px" /></a>

    i tried
    wget -A.jpg -r -l1 -np URLHERE

    but only got the thumbs.

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    Wget isnt going to do it (as you have discovered).
    You probably need to grab the HTML and parse it for the image names then generate a list of wgets from that.

    Have a look for PERL scripts, you should find something to suit your needs.


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