Hello all,

I have been assigned the task of finding a PHP programmer to work under me on a pretty big project.

The site is of adult nature, and located in Jackson, MI, although we do not require you to be on site, a candidate that is close enough to drop by in person for meetings would be great.

Our project can be defined as the following:

  • PHP/Kohana 2.3.2 Based
  • Adult Website
  • Project at version 0.8.5 currently
  • Advanced Database scheme using ORM in place
  • Extensive PHP OOP in use
  • Just received venture capital
  • Site is 'launched' now
  • Looking for long term programmer

I have been the sole programmer on this project since around April, and there are parts of the project that will need to be rewritten.

We are looking for PHP programmers who are located within the United States, have good communication skills, are accessible via telephone/email/IM, and know what they are doing. Persons with good graphic design/css skills are a plus.

Please do not respond with a one line reply. This is a serious position for people who are serious about their work.

Salary arrangements will be made on a case by case basis, and we have no set salary.


I will not excuse you for not reading the entire post, anybody who responds who has not either read the entire post, or not understood it will go into the trash bin.

The following are the ways to contact me:

I would prefer to be contacted via telephone at: 517-962-1336.
For all others, please contact me at: [email protected]

Phone contacts can be made anytime between 9am - 10pm EST. Any calls after that time will cause you to go immediately into my DO NOT HIRE category.