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    Thumbs up Webhosting Partner Required - UK Business Opportunity

    I am looking for a partner to join me in a new hosting venture! I am 28, have strong business and sales knowledge and can code PHP if that would ever be required. I already have a good job but see my long term future in hosting and want to start to grow with someone with similar aspirations.

    Ideal person needs to be tech focussed with strong experience in server management as although I know my way around linux I am by no means an expert.

    I have already given this a LOT of thought and have a dedicated server which is paid fully by a forum I own. Once we have a few accounts on the server I will move my forum off to a smaller server so we can continue to build on the client base. Initial spend will be small as I feel we can cover sales/ support with < 10 clients.

    If this sounds an interesting venture get in contact and we can discuss further.

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    Hi There

    I am 26 and in the same boat. I am a Linux Systems Admin for a large hosting company with several years experience. I am also looking to start a hosting company. Send me an email on samuel dot mcintyre dot banks at gmail dot com and we will discuss.



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    Do you have any business plans ? Ie: how to get customers, the expected timeframe for profit.

    Give me a PM if you indeed have some sort of a plan.
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