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    Ubiquity • Xeon X3220 • 8GB RAM • 250GB HDD • 8TB b/w •Multiple Cities• $199/mo


    Ubiquity has a stock of 20 custom Xeon X3220's in Chicago that we're unloading at a massively discounted rate. All of Ubiquity's add-ons are available on these systems should you choose to take advantage of them (can be viewed in our order wizard at ). This option is not currently available via our website - please contact [email protected] to order yours before they're gone!!

    1x Xeon Kentsfield X3220
    4x 2.4ghz processors

    * 250 GB SATAII 7200rpm Drive
    * 8192 MB ECC-Registered Memory
    * 100 Mbit Burstable Uplink
    * 8000GB Metered Data Transfer
    * 5 Free Usable IP's
    * Web-based Remote Reboot
    * Web-based rDNS Manager and SWIP
    * Free 24x7x365 support
    * ~15 minute average ticket response times (live stats)
    * 100% uptime SLA on power and network
    * Web-based reboot, re-install, full backup
    * Premium, redundant sFlow-optimized network (AS15003) with Mzima, Abovenet, and XO
    * Free 1000Mbps Private Network

    $0 Setup - $199/Month


    What People Say

    "I'm very happy with the speeds, bandwidth availability and so far their support and sales staff have been awesome, going as far as having them on MSN so we can quickly get in contact with them. A+ Provider." - (Source)

    "Now, we're getting to the brilliant part - support. Because I'm a noob and didn't have that much knowledge with the fine stuff of setting your own VPS I was constantly on Support chat." - (Source)

    "I must say I've had VPS servers before and few companies come close to Ubiquity's support and speed." - (Source)

    "I was able to contact their support staff immediately via their Live Chat." - (Source)

    "My server is running as it should be, and their network has never been down." - (Source)

    "Ubiquity's definitely a great provider" - (Source)

    "I've been with Ubiquity Servers for about 6 months now, and i must say they are the best hosting company i have ever rented from ! Amazing response times to support tickets (usually 1-5 mins) no matter what time it is." - (Source)

    "We push a consistent 200 Mbps usage through it and never have any dropped packets, and the latency is always consistent. Not much else to say there – it’s just great." - (Source)

    "The guys over at Ubiquity are very down to Earth people who are always willing to answer any questions you may have. I’ve always received honest answers from them, which is something that I really value about working with them." - (Source)


    Software Options

    Ubiquity is all about choices- here is a sampling of some of our software licensing options.

    - cPanel + WHM
    - Fantastico
    - Installatron
    - InterWorx
    - DirectAdmin
    - Virtuozzo
    - Plesk
    - Acronis
    - Red Hat Enterprise Server
    - Windows 2003 Server
    - Windows 2008 Server
    - Microsoft Exchange Server


    Test it!

    * Atlanta, GA:
    * Chicago, IL:
    * Los Angeles, CA:
    * Seattle WA:
    * New York, NY:
    * Dallas, TX:


    Contact Information

    e-mail: sales [at] ubiquityservers (dot) com
    toll-free: 1-866-GET-UBIQ ext. 1
    international: +01.312.281.5101
    live chat: available 24/7 on our website!


    Contact: Michael Gazzerro
    AIM: UbiquityMichael
    MSN: [email protected]
    Google Talk: [email protected]
    Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 500
    e-mail: mike (dot) gazzerro [at] nobistech (dot) net

    BudgetVM - The Virtualization Experts
    Mike Gazzerro, Account Manager
    Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles
    Wholly owned by Enzu Inc., an Inc500 Company.

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    Also would like to clarify a couple things that aren't right above on this offer.

    - 10Gbps of nLayer is also in our Chicago network mix now
    - These systems will be connected at 1Gbps, not 100Mbps, and the access switches (Brocade Edge X 424 instead of our typical Catalyst 2960's) are connected at 10Gbps to the core network. These systems were previously being used by a very high bandwidth client whose project recently ended, which is why they're set up to push so much traffic.
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