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    2000GB / Month Limits?

    Hi like I got kinda a question that might be corrected. Ok so I found a dedicated server with and Well it doesn't matter with the server provider but just need a correction. They both offer 2,000GB monthly bandwidth. So the question is how much can I have max speed per second (Mb/Kb/bit) with (MB/KB/B) info. Tell me if this is correct.

    2,000,000,000,000 Bytes (2,000GB, 2TB) / 31 days / 24 hours / 60 minutes / 60 seconds = 746,714.46 Bytes (746.7 KBps)

    746,714.46 Bytes to Bits = 5,973,715.68 Bits (5,833 Kbps) (5.69 Mbps)

    So every month with 2TB and monthly bandwidth I can only make the server use 5.69 Mbps with 746 KBps of data transfer? If true that is amazing. And if Im correct I have some math skills ya.

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    If they are limiting you to an amount of data transfer i.e. 2TB normally means your going to be on either a 10meg, 100meg or 1gb connection (normally 100meg).

    This means you can use 100% of that mbps speed, as long as you don't go over the transfer limits, if you do you will pay more in overage charges.

    Other way is they limit the speed and give unmetered transfer, so you would get 10meg line meaning you can get about 3.3TB a month through if you used it 24/7.

    Or you can get 95%ile billing, bit more complicated.
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    Your speed is not determined by your monthly transfer limit. It is rather limited by the speed of the port you are hosted on.

    You will usually be placed on either a 100Mbps port or a 10Mbps port, usually 100Mbps. Meaning you can use your full 100Mbps until you meet your monthly transfer limit.
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    If you have a 10Mbps port and max it out 24/7 you would use about 3300GB of data transfer. So if you were to have a 100Mbps port and max it out you would use about 33,000GB of data transfer over a month.

    If you maxed out a 6Mbps port over a month you would push about exactly 2000GB.
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    At a cursory glance, your math looks correct. But keep in mind you're comparing a rate of transfer to a total amount of transfer, not unlike comparing speed to distance traveled. It's as relevant as the following:

    If I rented you a car and told you you could go 2000 miles per month, one might presume:

    2000 miles / 31 days / 24 hours = 2.68817204 miles per hour

    It then follows that your maximum speed would be 2.69 mph.
    Naturally, the car can go much faster than that, because it is the odometer we're watching, not the speed. Likewise, your server will be able to transfer data much faster and the maximum 'average' rate of transfer you can obtain is a bit of a moot point.
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    Ok I see, thanks everyone for tho professional answers.

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