ServInt: Innovation Continues to Fuel The Best Enterprise VPS In The Business:

In my relatively short tenure here as ServInt's Business Intelligence Manager, I've seen some pretty remarkable things happen. I've visited our Data Center in Washington, D.C. seeing first hand our impressive technology at work, and I've witnessed our Managed Services Team in action proving again and again that not all heroes wear capes.

Bottom line, our service and support are second to none.

We are not a deep discount hosting company with an evaporating business plan.

We're a solid, respected managed hosting company with a reputation to uphold, we take our service personally and hold ourselves accountable to our service and uptime.

Many hosts lure customers with penny services and shiny buzzwords but are nowhere to be seen when their clients need support. Others throw features and venture money into products that create more problems than solutions.

Unfortunately, they often don't stay in business long enough to innovate their way to success.

ServInt, on the other hand, has been in hosting for nearly 15 years. In that decade and a half we have risen with the best, suffered with the bust, and emerged as a strong innovator in webhosting technology. We have the best Enterprise VPS in the business and have the battle scars and reputation to prove it.

Earlier this year we extensively upgraded the entire ServInt VPS line. We doubled RAM, raised and in most cases doubled storage, and increased bandwidth on each of our VPS packages at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

We deployed this upgrade to both existing and new customers for the 4th time in less than 3 years. Rest assured, this won't be the last time either, we’ll continue to improve our service.

You’re never left behind with ServInt.

The key to our success is that every VPS product is a true Enterprise-class DSR - a Dedicated Server Replacement™ - brought to you exclusively by ServInt. Our implementation of VPS harnesses the power of Open Source technology coupled with more than 50,000 lines of our own painstakingly intricate code to better secure and optimize your server.

Our Solutions:

Here are just two examples:

Essential VPS
30 GB Disk Space (RAID 10 on 15k rpm SAS drives)
1 TB Monthly Transfer
768 MB Guaranteed (1.5 GB Burst RAM)
$49 Monthly

75 GB Disk Space (RAID 10 on 15k rpm SAS drives)
3 TB Monthly Transfer
4 GB Guaranteed (8 GB Burst RAM)
$199 Monthly

A ServInt VPS is fast, ingeniously and securely managed, and backed by a reputation we strive tirelessly to maintain. Our Managed Services Team takes their work seriously and personally, striving to provide the fastest, most efficient, least invasive PROACTIVE support in the industry.

Our expertise in the command line helps you focus on the bottom line. RELAX. Your server is up and running.

Special WHT Offer:

As a special summer promotion, you can try ANY of ServInt's VPS or SuperVPS products and get 25% off of the first two months! Use the Promotion Code 'whtsummer09' when ordering and receive 25% off of the first 2 months of any VPS or SuperVPS!


Check out this WHT thread for a few testimonials after our upgrade announcement. Or just search around. You'll like what you hear.

ServInt's Green Hosting initiative:

Click for information on our Green Initiative. Our entire VPS line is augmented by a massive carbon offsetting program, a large-scale tree planting campaign and an advanced recycling program. This is in addition to our continuous implementation of energy efficient technologies from both the hosting as well as the administrative side.

At ServInt, we feel we have a responsibility to better serve and preserve.

Come join the ServInt family and help make a difference.

Contact [email protected] or call 1-800-5-SERVINT (1-800-573-7846). If you would like to place an order, please use the links provided above or visit for many more products and options.