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    Simple European Server for flv and m3 streaming

    I'm searching for a cheap European shared hosting package to store and stream (via JW's FLV Media Player) flv and mp3 files.
    My needs aren't high. 2Gb storage and 50Gb monthly bandwidth are enough.

    I'm hosting the site in US (VPS package) but for the specific file streaming I need a provider from Europe because the content have a target only in Greece.

    Right now, I'm hosting the biggest files at Rackspace cloud but the cost is high for my specific needs.

    I did a fast research by myself, but I'm getting nervous because of the TOS.

    T.I.A. everyone wishing to help

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    Is the content legal?

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    The videos are personal recordings, as the majority of the mp3 files. The rest of the mp3 files, are 1 track (most) from CD album (or old vinyl recording never published on CD) and you could say they act as an advertisement for the original CD.
    Anyway, all the mp3's are safe, because the the artists are (let's say) friends of mine, because of my involvement I have with the specific music genre and the files I'm streaming.

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