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    joes datacenter down?

    it would apear the entire datacenter is down ?

    my server plus the one hosting the sales site seems to be out

    anyone know much about this

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    Not sure about client servers.
    But the main website works here...
    And the DC camera...

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    It's probably a routing problem with your ISP. It also works here.

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    Yes. Everything is okay from here also...

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    I lost connection from Time Warner in Upstate NY and my AT&T iPhone. A few users on my forum said they had no problem getting to the site but the active users dropped way down during that time and many said it was down.

    Sounds like a routing issue. Glad it resolved itself. Last about 35 minutes.

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    must have been an ip routing issue was only down for 10 mins.. seems fine now.. still just a little jumpy after the last 2 hosts.

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    Don't worry you're in good hands.

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    Down for me here in Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZacUSNYR View Post
    Don't worry you're in good hands.
    im begining to realise that im enjoying joes very much its also my first remote dedicated machine.

    got everything backing up daily with webbycart so all is well

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    Some routing issues going on - because it just dropped out for me

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    Hanging up somewhere in MCI's network.

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    Just got this back from Joe:

    "We were having problems with our edge router. It should be fixed now"

    Looks like everything is fine with his site etc.

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    Yeah, looks like there were some routing problems earlier... Our monitoring systems were going crazy on all of the boxes we have in Wholesale and Joe's -- Likely due to Cogent.

    Everything seems to be running smooth now.

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