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    partition manager

    Hey all!
    i heard about program Acronis Disk Director that now costs $25
    so i wanna buy it
    what do you think? is it a good deal?
    may be someone of you follow this too?

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    I think it's a good deal

    I am already using Seagate-Acronis Disc Wizard....great product.

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    Actually till now I have been using Power Quest partition magic 8.
    The old one, when Power Quest had the hold on it.

    And now, Norton has acquired from Power quest.

    But most recently, don't know why, started getting partition table loss on frequent move, following huge data loss.

    So decided to go with Paragon Partition manager, works awesome vista & XP as well, fast also.

    Perhaps, Acronis is good as well, use it for deleted partition recovery most of the time. ( acronis recovery expert, is included in disk director along with lot of other tools as well )

    Hope my post answers your question.

    All in all, I like Acronis, and if you are getting the suite for 25 $, I would say, go get it for sure.

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    have you heard of Ranish Partition Manager. I have used it in past and its free. You may like to check this


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    I use Acronis, but thats just because its what I have always used. I also started using Paragon, and thats simply because it was free on PC Pro magazine
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    Thumbs up Free

    Use EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

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    EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is one of the best partition manager programs I have used. I HIGHLY recommend it, plus it's free as stated above. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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    Hey again guys!

    It's not the end!
    You can still get this offer
    It has been prolonged, so hurry up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lordi View Post
    Hey again guys!

    It's not the end!
    You can still get this offer
    It has been prolonged, so hurry up!
    Is it $25 for life?

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    I recommend gParted, It's free!

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    Acronis Disk Director is awesome, its my first choice when doing repartitioning. It is a shame Storage Craft dont do a partioning tool.

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