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    which processor do i choose?

    Hi all,

    As i was new to this Dedicated server stuff, I was confused choosing a Processor for my dedicated server. Many of Dedicated providers providing.

    Intel Xeon, Intel Dual Xeon. The main confusion was, there were many flavors shown in the list like Intel Xeon 3060, Intel Xeon 5405 .... etc.

    Which Processor Should i choose?

    My requireent is to offer a shared hosting to my clients.
    As i'm a starter of a webhosting company. which processor do you suggest? &
    If possible please assist me choosing configuration?

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    If you are a start I would go for a dual core server with at least 2 GB of memory. You can always ask your provider if it's easy to expand towards the future.

    No reason to spend more money on a big server if you don't use much of the resources in the beginning. - Online in no time
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    Since you're just starting, you could begin with a smaller server and upgrade when necessary. Dual core or quad core with 2GB RAM would work fine.

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    I just got a 2gb server from fdc last month, very reliable and great support for newbies

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicktaf View Post
    I just got a 2gb server from fdc last month, very reliable and great support for newbies
    The support is great but the server is still unmanaged.

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    Depends on what your doing and needs are.

    Dual or Quad core, 2 to 4 gigs works nice.

    Also support is KEY!

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    If you plan to grow quickly, then make sure your solution is scalable or that the company makes the upgrade process as convenient as possible and minimizes any downtime associated with the move. A Core2Quad server processor should meet your needs to start.
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