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    Looking for alternative to 1 & 1

    1 & 1 offer the following server

    Athlon 3800+ dual core cpu
    1G RAM
    2 x 160GB disk
    Centos 5 + Plesk 9, 100 sites
    1 TB BW

    in US for $49.99
    in UK for 29.99UKP
    in DE for €39.99

    Unfortunately they only offer these for residents of the respective countries.

    Anyone know an alternative, i.e. same price/offer for those of us who don't happen to live in one of these countries?

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    Only company that offers such cheap servers that I know is Leaseweb. - Online in no time
    Dedicated Servers in [EU] Netherlands with DAILY support, also on weekends
    DDOS Protected network - 100% Money Back if it doesn't work for you
    Streaming / IPTV allowed | Up to 10 Gbit ports | 100% Network Uptime

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    You can check the offers of KeyWeb. Good network, cheap prices, bad support. Your choice

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    Take a look at the offer section. There might be some companies that might provide you with similar pricing.

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    Thanks for the heads up on Leaseweb, they seem to have unbeatable dedicated server prices.

    I already provide VPS servers but this is for a project where disk space is the important issue.

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