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Thread: Hosting advice

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    Hosting advice

    I'm going to host 4 to 10 domains, and i want Ruby on rails support + PHP5, php is not a problem it's nearly a standard in every provider, de problem is Rails, so i found 3 options:

    Hostgator: Aluminum (fits my needs)

    Green Reseller: Sprout (Unlimited storage, nice!)

    Lunar: Business (no reseller but wide too)

    So i'm bassically looking for experiences and recommendations from you .

    Also i don't really know if i need a reseller accout, because i'm the only webmaster, but the traffic it's going to be huge, so i don't really know if shared webhosting plans (with these companies) could handle 1000 (more or less) connection at a time.

    Thanks in advance for the kind advice.

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    Do you have a preference for location? Ruby is pretty standard these day's.

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    1000 connections at a time is not a good idea at all in a shared hosting environment (reseller included). But, if this is a new project, the traffic might not be as big as you envision right from the start, and a shared/reseller account would be OK.

    My (Basic) Lunarpages account works quite fine (the applications run fast). Hostgator is very stable and performs very well. I have no idea about Green Reseller, but it would seem to be owned by Trey Gardner, who's quite an experienced fellow (more on the business than the technical side I think).
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    What sort of budget do you have for this? - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    This is one of the few cases that I would push a VPS over a Shared Hosting account. There are several hosts who would cringe over 1000 connections on a shared hosting account. Even though ROR Applications are not very system intensive, 1000 instances could be a problem.
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    I recommend Hostdime. Their hosting plans provide a lot of resource and the support is fast and friendly and uptime of the servers are good. If your budget is low and you don't need phone support when try Surpasshosting(it's a member of Hostdime family). We have a lot of reseller accounts on both of them and their services are great.
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    Thankyou very much for the comments, as up today the apps are going to handle 200 +- users but at the end of the year the goal is to get all the company to access them that's going to be 1000+-.

    So i like the VPS solution, the budget is arround 200-300dls./month. I need unlimited email and subdomains.

    So i'm going to start this project with hostgator best shared host and go from there.


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    We would not recommend starting out with a shared hosting account for this type of project. Your best option would be a VPS and then later an entry level dedicated server, especially if you are working with professional companies and developing custom applications.
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    I'd get a VPS if i was in you're situation.

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    I'd also get a VPS if I was in your situation but if you don't want to get a VPS then go with hostgator I would do this because unlimitef dosnt sound good sounds like slow server and problems and about the other option I don't know I never heard about them...

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    Depending on the amount of traffic you're expecting, you have a wide range of options. If you are expecting very high traffic then a VPS is definitely the way to go but everyone has their own definition of "high traffic".

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    Hello i've been researching and evaluating, i'm between
    KnownHost (i think this is my best choice)

    But sorry for the question, i've never been hosted at a VPS.

    Is it ok to install my mail server in it?

    Today we have 4 shared web hositng plans with different providers, and like 10 domain-names, the plan is to migrate all of them to the new VPS, and host rails applications in the near future, but obviously the email is hosted with these web hosters.

    So the bottom line is, (i think is possible) but is it ok to migrate the email too, to the new vps?

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    Yes! You can definitely migrate them to a VPS platform. If you get Virtuozzo w/ Cpanel/WHM, the WHM interface will be virtually identical to what you're currently used to -- and the Virtuozzo Power Panel/PIM will give you greater server control. Regarding migration (if you get your VPS with WHM/cPanel), the root WHM interface will let you migrate your domains over from most other control panels very easily.

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    I'm running ruby on one of my new sites on hostgator and it's worked very well! thanks!

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    If your going down the reseller hosting route what are your arrangements for auto-responders on the 1000 sites...

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