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    Email Hosting


    Does anyone know what is the most cost effective email alternative to MS Exchange? Our users still want to use Outlook and functional integration between the Outlook client and the email server is important.


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    Zimbra might be a solution you can look into, going to be implementing it myself in the coming weeks.
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    Theres webmail, It use's its own server, you can download a file that will intergrate the email address into any email programe. Its what I use and save's me having to use the web browser all the time to check email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeCloud View Post
    Does anyone know what is the most cost effective email alternative to MS Exchange? Our users still want to use Outlook and functional integration between the Outlook client and the email server is important.
    How many users do you have? And can you elaborate on "functional integration"? Depending on your answers, you may find that Google Apps for your Domain is the most cost-effective in that it's free.
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    I throw in my vote for Zimbra as well. Licensing is cheaper than Outlook, and you can also get hosted email significantly cheaper than Outlook. I think the features are also better.

    Also, if you are on a strict budget and don't want to license, you can get the Open Source version and use Zimbra Desktop as an alternative to Outlook, which provides basically the same functionality.
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    The _most_ cost effective solution must be Google Apps, as it's free (non-premium accounts). It does however not provide the same benefits as Zimbra does.

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    Check out Kerio Mail Server. I have been using it for over a year now and could not be happier. It can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac and works perfectly with Outlook and mobile devices. It operates well on a 512M server.
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    Some hosts do have exchange alternatives. The plans will let you create group calendars, share contacts and give you mobile access.

    Was hosted exchange out of your price range? Why alternate?

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    I also vote for Zimbra i.e. there service is good and you are able as a hoster to offer interesting license-wise hosted solutions

    the functionnalities are pay as you use - real saas

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