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    Question Nocster Sale Servers

    I'm positive that their website used to say the sale servers would be available on the 10th. Now it says preview will be on the 12th with servers available on the 15th.

    Does anyone else remember what date they were supposted to be available?

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    Yep, they said the 10th, even have it in black and white in an email one of their reps sent me...
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    Rudy, you are right.

    Either they are still busy with old back log and / or they are also watching some competitor, running sale currently....

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    If you need a server now check out They are currently having a sale.


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    Just one problem with that....

    If you need a server now check out They are currently having a sale.
    His issue is the install date and dedicatednow is preselling for Nov 15 as well.

    Before jumping to conclusions, I would contact nocster. It could be that the initial purchasers will get the 10th or it could be that all have been delayed. Only they can tell you for sure.

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