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Thread: OpenFiler?

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    Question OpenFiler?

    Just wonder if you guys use it? I were refer to the one from LSN, maybe you could share your experience, thanks.
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    OpenFiler is great if you are looking to start utilizing NAS / iSCSI

    FreeNAS is another good option, both work quite well and are easy to use.
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    In my experience openfiler is easier to use and has faster I/O over iSCSI!

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    OpWe have started using OpenFiler very recently, but our experience has been great. Easy to install, small footprint and great interface. We are still doing benchmarking to see what kind of I/O we can get.

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    I`m already using Starwind for a year. Before I tested Datacore in a lab, but found it very complicated in use. And OpenFiler, Freenas and others Linux solutions do not provide required options, including support.
    After long time testing of Starwind I decided to deploy this SAN solution.
    My fully recomendations.

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    We have quite a few customers using this now and love OpenFiler, we have had the software kernel panic a number of times, but usually after updating the problems have gone away.
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    How can we love product, that usually has kernel panic, that is "healing" by updating. For me its make no sense.

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    I've been using starwind for awhile and it's not bad. I've tried previous versions of openfiler and had issues sharing files with adding new initiators. I would transfer files from one source and then the new additions wouldn't see the files.
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    OpenFiler is great, Jim over at has build some solid equipment to run it on. It's quite a handy and powerful app.

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    Equipment is good, wouldn`t dispute. But OpenFiler is great, only if we comparing it with FreeNas. I choosed Sarwind cause of its reasonable price and simplicity.

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