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    Hi Guys,

    I need some advice from you all.
    My club is organizing an event and I have given the task to stream the event live online.

    Please help me. I am not sure about what kind of technology I should use to achieve this goal. Give me your suggestions and share your superb knowledge with me.

    I would be very grateful to you if you help me.


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    What are you streaming? Is it live video from a camera, just a video, what exactly is being streamed? From what input?
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    It should be a live video from a direct camera input.

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    You would need some kind of video streaming hosting package, there's many providers that should be able to accomodate this for you, search some nice providers, and maybe catch some live chat or pricing and check with them on things, make sure you make the right choice, and i would recommend probabl;y getting it up and testing it b4 the live event , Good luck! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    Hi Can you recommend me some webhosts I should talk?
    I am really not having any idea of such hosts.

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    Like another user said, you'll need a video streaming package from a provider. Also, you're going to need an internet connection onsite that can handle the initial stream up. Basically, it works like this, from the site to the streaming server is one stream, then the streaming server streams it out to all who want to watch it. Depending on the quality of the stream, that will dictate how fast your internet connection will need to be on site.
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    If you going to stream your video just for one day|night it is much easy to ask you provider for streampackage. If you going to stream permanently you have to calculate your bandwidth and to buy hosting plan. Some scripts (stream h264) doing described routines

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    You can check out plus a web cam on your computer, may need adobe encoder to get it up to ustream. Also be aware of the internet connection where you're going to be. TEST IT at the location you're going to be using it at for sure.
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    Send text messages to event attendee's using e-mail. Google "How To Send Email To Any Cell Phone (for Free)"

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    Either or JTV

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