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    vB Forum Banner - How to make it repeat/fill the full browser width?

    My vB forum is located at:

    From there you'll see that my banner only fits part of the screen (so long your screen resolution width is larger than 700 pixels). What I want is for it to fit the full screen width, but everyone has different screen resolutions.

    My idea to fix this is to make the banner scroll the entire space, I'm not too sure what it's called. I don't want to stretch the banner, as it will distort, but would it be possible to make a smaller add on to the banners right that's a few pixels in width, then make it repeat to fill every users browser width?

    Or would there be a way to make the banner, say, 2000 pixels in width, but cut it off depending on the users browser width? I'm fairly sure if it's 2000 pixels wide, then the browser will get a horizontal scroll bar.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

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    What you could do is use 2 images. Put one in the background of that particular table/div/element, and one as an image within this element.

    Align the background image to the right, and the image to the left. If a user now increases or decreases their browser width, you'll see the 2 images slide over each other. If you design them to match on each side, you're safe in each resolution!
    hi there!

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