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    UK Web Hosting - cPanel 11 - Raid Protected Storage - Get 30% off our standard price!

    GeekSRV - Premium UK Hosting.

    GeekSRV provide stable and reliable shared hosting solutions starting from as little as 1.99 per month. We have many happy customers who take advantage of hassle free hosting, why not join them today?

    Moving from another provider?

    Are you looking to move hosts? Great! we can help you, we can transfer your account to our servers free of charge, just specify your existing account details with your current host and we'll transfer the files for you providing that the control panel your migrating from is supported by WHM.

    Special Offer: Save 30% on any of our packages using the coupon : 30off

    Standard Features:

    • RAID6 Advanced Data Guard protected storage.
    • cPanel 11.24.X.
    • Installatron 6.X.
    • RVSiteBuilder Pro.
    • Deluxe ASSP Spam Protection.
    • Daily Off Network backups to multiple locations.

    Standard Packages:


    • 1.5 Gigabytes Diskspace
    • 25 Gigabytes Premium Data Transfer Allowance
    • Host upto 10 Domain Names
    • Host upto 10 Sub Domains
    • 5 MySQL 5 Databases
    • 1.99 Per Month or 19.99 Per Year

    More Information | Direct Order Link


    • 2 Gigabytes Diskspace
    • 35 Gigabytes Premium Data Transfer Allowance
    • Host upto 20 Domain Names
    • Host upto 20 Sub Domains
    • 10 MySQL 5 Databases
    • 2.99 Per Month or 29.99 Per Year

    More Information | Direct Order Link


    • 3 Gigabytes Diskspace
    • 45 Gigabytes Premium Data Transfer Allowance
    • Host upto 30 Domain Names
    • Host upto 30 Sub Domains
    • 20 MySQL 5 Databases
    • 3.99 Per Month or 39.99 Per Year

    More Information | Direct Order Link


    • 4 Gigabytes Diskspace
    • 55 Gigabytes Premium Data Transfer Allowance
    • Host upto 40 Domain Names
    • Host upto 40 Sub Domains
    • 30 MySQL 5 Databases
    • 4.99 Per Month or 49.99 Per Year

    More Information | Direct Order Link


    • 5 Gigabytes Diskspace
    • 65 Gigabytes Premium Data Transfer Allowance
    • Host upto 50 Domain Names
    • Host upto 50 Sub Domains
    • 50 MySQL 5 Databases
    • 5.99 Per Month or 59.99 Per Year

    More Information | Direct Order Link

    Your website will be hosted on server grade hardware, not a converted desktop with cheap components. The servers are Hewlett Packard DL380G5's with multiple CPU cores, with RAID 6 Advanced Data Guard to protect your data. Between your website and the internet sits two layers of hardware and software firewalls for ultimate protection provided by Cisco and CSF.

    We use the powerful cPanel 11 control panel on our servers with plugins such as Installatron, RVSitebuilder and ASSP Deluxe. More information about some of our plugins:


    Installatron makes installing scripts easy, with an easy to use interface Installatron does all the hardware of installing popular scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, phpBB and many others.


    RVSitebuilder makes webdesign an easy task for anyone, with it's simple straight forward step by step creation of templates and easy article management this is a must use tool for those who need help getting their website online.

    ASSP Deluxe

    ASSP Deluxe provides Virus Protection and Anti-Spam solutions that protect your email inbox from Spam and Viruses, You can manage all aspects of your protection from within cPanel and can even bypass settings and whitelist email addresses.

    To backup our premium hosting solutions we provide fast friendly technical support should you need it, don't be left in the dark when you need help.

    We accept Payment by Google Checkout or PayPal.

    Sign-up today and enjoy hassle free hosting! Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us for a custom package by e-mailing: sales[@]

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    GeekSRV Special Hosting Plan.

    We today provisioned a new member of our server family called Simba, to celebrate this we are running a special offer - that is limited in numbers (15 to be precise).

    You get the following:

    2GB Raid 6 Protected Diskspace
    10GB Data Transfer
    50 POP3 Accounts
    50 MySQL Databases
    50 Subdomains
    5 Add On Domains
    cPanel 11 + Installatron + Daily Backups

    All the above for a fantastic 99p per month!

    To take advantage of this special offer use the following link:

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