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    * Hosting info for a social networking site with images

    Hi Guys,

    Before I start my story I would like to thank everyone for a great forum here on such a critical component of the internet.

    I am "working" on a website idea based on social networking, where the members would be able to upload images, discuss issues and post classifieds. The number of communities/groups though would be limited, if I get what I am looking at, it would be about 100k communities/group. The number of members could be much higher.

    The idea is still idea, I am working on it. When it grows it will grow big/heavy on db and users. I am a techie, trying to create this website in my spare time with my own "funding"

    My current host is which is pretty nice as when I am not able to work for a week I just shut down everything and don't pay much to them. But with upcoming price changes this will likely change and there would be a minimum of 1-2$ per month that I would be shelling out till I am "working" on the site. They provide shell access, rather only shell access to do anything which is okay, if not good . These guys provide a complete "process" of mysql. Privacy costs only 0.01$ per day.

    Also, NFSN is good for the small sites, once the site grows bigger I would have to move over as their storage cost is on higher side, given that there will be images.

    Hence I would like the community here to suggest me some host where I can pay low while I am working on the site and then upgrade to a bigger setup once its ready to be launched or it picks up. Once it picks up db would need to scale up quite a bit.

    Also though the site would be in php, I would prefer a java capable host, as my main programming language is java and I might be comfortable in doing certain tasks in Java.

    So with the above thoughts my requirements are:
    1) Initial low cost under 2$ preferably, or if it comes with free domain and privacy I won't mind paying higher.
    2) Shell access is must.
    3) Php host with java option (if possible).
    4) Should be able to scale up my db needs.
    5) Once it grows I would like the option to scale up in baby steps to managed hosting.
    6) Free DNS if domain is also hosted, else I will use everydns, they seem to be good. (NFSN is starting to charge for this )

    My initial idea is to do the development on NFSN, then move to one of the popular hosts in this forum and finally settle on "Contegix" (have worked with them for java hosting site and they are pretty good).

    But this moving the site over 2 times in under 1 year sounds scary to me. So I am here seeking everyone's views.


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    I have shared this post with the following hosts:
    1) Stablehost: Comes with a 50% off and free domain, reviews are all good. But they do not seem to have their own dedicated/VPS solutions as of now.
    2) steadfast : These guys seem to be best fit, except the litespeed server is something very new for me. They have rock solid reputation around here.
    3) Rochen : Host official joomla sites, so speed is good. But the cost is on higher side.

    Will keep this list updated, please share your thoughts.

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    Welcome to WHT

    Looks like you're on the right track. It's good to build up a shortlist and contacting each individual company regarding your needs. Most of your requirements seem pretty standard to me. Although SSH access may not always be available however some providers will enable it for you upon request.

    Good luck!

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    I am contacting companies, but there are too many of them :-D. So have posted my requirement in the requests section here.

    For now the search continues.


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