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    IPv6 implementation


    we would like to extend our services with providing IPv6 for dedicated servers.

    Our colo will provide us /48.

    Am pretty new to IPv6. Can anobydy give some hints about IPv6 addressing for such scenario.

    How should we cut that /48? How much IPs shoud I provide to every server?

    Any real hosting world scenarios?

    Thank you


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    Depends, are you only getting a /48, or can they statically route it through an IPv6 point-to-point allocation? If the former, not much you can do other than configure every host inside the /48.

    If statically routed, and you have either a router or layer3 switch with IPv6 support, you can then statically route /64 allocations out of the /48, to each vlan or a port. Also if these are machines that only need a single IP to start, and you don't really have a l3 switch, then on a router you can carve a /64 out of that /48, and use RA + autoconfiguration and let the hosts automatically configure the last 64bits of their address (FFFE + MAC). Or don't use RA and simply manually configure the IPv6 addresses on the servers, and increment in whatever numbering policy you decide on.

    Remember, it is a lot of IPs, and generally you get a /48 when you need multiple subnets. If you run a flat network with no routing and mostly layer2, and didn't really need 65536 /64s (subnets), you'd probably be fine with a /64 and the colo providing gateway.

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    am getting /48 from colo staticaly routed to my router (Vyatta).

    We have like 100+ VPS on several host servers and growing.

    So the question is how to split that /48 because is enormous amount of IPs.

    I have seen VPS hosters like providing /112 to every VPS and some like IPv6 /96 + /48.

    Can some body point me to direction how should I subnet that /48?
    Idea is like that:

    1) every VPS should get 1x IPv4 + 1x IPv6
    2) on demand bigger ammount ov IPv6 (question is how big)

    I would kindly ask somebody for subneting example for this scenario.



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